The Okra Principle is an enthralling look at the ups and downs in the lives of three Nigerian brothers and their close friends. Okra soup, a traditional Nigerian dish that the brothers often partake in is cleverly used to lighten the underlying serious issues that the story explores.

Arinze, the eldest brother, is very dissatisfied in his marriage to Ifeoma who never pulls punches in speaking her mind. His attraction to her has dwindled and he is now getting gratification from avenues that could destroy the sanctity of their marriage? Will their bond hold?

Nonso, the middle brother, is married to the beautiful but insecure Tasha. Tasha tFestival SelectionaFestival Selectionkes pride in being an African American and firmly stands up for her roots as does Nonso. Their cultural differences quickly lead them down a destructive path and neither seems to have the will or intention to compromise.

Chukwuma, the youngest of the three brothers is engaged to Chinwe, a young lady from his tribe but then an incident from the past rears its ugly head. Will their similar culture and beliefs be enough to make them stay focused on the present and forget the past?

Finally we take a look at Marcel, a close friend to the brothers and a consummate ladies man who is incapable of commitment. Marcel's abode is where all the men go to sort out their problems when their lives don't go exactly as planned. A storm will always rage and try to uproot even the most deep-rooted structures. Who will be left standing after it blows over?

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